Come ON!!!

User Rating: 8 | Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis WII
I can't believe no one likes this. I actually think it's a great for the Wii ( there are some game that are just suited to the reality of swinging your arms wildly in front of your TV). Granted it's not Wii-Native, but its fun and isn't what really counts? True I think it would be amazing with Online Play, but hey it's Rockstar and that fact alone makes it fun. The idea that nothing is good on the Wi must stop. Developers ignored the Wii and now we are reaping the piss-poor results. Nonetheless, Table Tennis has a real learning curve and real Wii-itis potential (I'm still in pain).

Now I never did play it on the 360, however on the Wii it's dynamic and fun (and it's get me off the couch - the way I only did previously just for Tiger Woods). Instead of bashing a relatively good game why not put the focus on getting game developers to make some Wii-Native games that really get our temperature up. So that I'm not stuck listening to people complain how "it's a poor representation of the "X" version)

Can't a game just be judged on the fact that it is "fun"? Come on, you cannot tell me you didn't enjoy