Not A Clone Of Guitar Hero! Not Overrated Either!

User Rating: 9.5 | Rock Band X360
My First Impression On Rockband was everything i asked for better songs better online and playing as a band not only Guitar ( Guitar heroes 1-3 )

Any way this game brings major heat and took my breath away with that here goes my interspersion on rockband Addicting with Ear Orgasms ( Meaning Good Songs) A good amount of songs that will get stuck in your head for quiet a while and a really great party game and fun online that will keep you busy for quiet a while Can Use Guitar Hero Guitars if you used to the Guitar Hero Guitars and very entertains The Hearts Of Everyone Old Or Young But It Can Get Old Really Fast And you cant play online with a bunch of your friends but good Multilayer Action Score Battle Or Tug Of War Rockband is a New era To Rockers,Gamers And Party Gamers DLC Is somewhat Of A Waste Sometimes for new songs

.Career As a Variety of difficulties to choose From
.Great Songs
.Finally a band based game
.Beautiful Graphics
.Great Party Game
.Good Online

.Should of let your own band go online
.Gets Old To Quick
.Should Of Added More Metal And Hardcore Songs In The Play list
.DLC Not Really Worth The Wait Depending On The Band/Artist