The Bourne Conspiracy is like playing through a fun action movie!

User Rating: 8.5 | Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy X360
The graphics are good, the environment is usable and destructible. Superb animation, nothing amazing here but nothing terrible.
Decent voice overs, decent music that gets you in the mood, the guns sound right, again nothing that I'm crazy about here.
Like playing through an action movie! you fight, run, shoot, drive, etc. Everything works pretty smoothly although the driving parts of this game really did not have to be there. With such a variety of mechanics, they all suprisingly work pretty fluidly.
People complained about the story, but like the new Indiana Jones Movie, who cares, its a heckalot of fun and on top of that the story isnt terrible, its just decent.
Its an all around superb expierence, and one of the best movies games! This game isnt getting as much attention as it deserves. What it supplies is an expierence that delivers on all feats.