Ristar was a Genesis classic that you never played.

User Rating: 8.5 | Ristar: The Shooting Star GEN
Ristar was a character that was mashed together for several designs for Sonic the Hedgehog.(thank you Wikipedia.) The game is now on the Virtual Console, and now you can play it in all it's Genesis glory.

The story takes place in the Valdi System, where an evil space pirate Kaiser Greedy, has made the leaders of planets obey him. Only one can stop him...Ristar!

As I said, you play as Ristar. He can't jump as high as other platformers, like Mario, but he can stay in the air longer. He has an ability that will let him strech out his hands to grab onto stuff. He can strech his hands in 8 different directions. When you grab onto something, like a branch, you will swing past it. Streching Ristar's arms is also how to defeat enemies.

The graphics look good for a Sega Genesis game. They look really colorful.

The controls work good as well. If you wanna go simple, use the Wii Remote alone. You press 2 to jump, 1 to strech your arms, use the control pad to move(and if you want to strech your arms diagonally or vertical, use the control pad and 1)

In the levels, you get four stars, which is your life bar. If you run out, then you lose a life. If you lose 'em all, then you start all over again. To regain life, you need to find stars scattered around levels.

There are two levels in each world. The first one has a mini boss at the end, and the second level will have a final boss. The bosses were fun to play, and you had to figure out how to beat them.

The game isn't hard, but it sure isn't easy. It's just right for me. There are checkpoints in each level, as well as plenty of stars to keep you alive.


Ristar is a fantastic game. If you do not own Sonic Mega Collection Plus or Sega Genesis Collection or Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection(this game has been released on all those compilations before), then get this game, since it's easily worth the 800 Wii Points.

Final Score:
8.5- Great!