All hype and just pure trash in nearly every aspect. Don't fall for the hype!

User Rating: 1.5 | Rise of the Robots SNES
It was on the following systems:




Game Gear

Philips CD-I



And each version were terrible too.

This game was over-hyped in 1994, more so than Halo 3! It was hyped to be the best game ever made. There were 90 page books about the game and if it was a success, there would be toys, books, a tv show and even a movie. Take a look at the trailer for this game, and see what the problems are when I post 2 reviews based on the SNES and GEN versions of the game.

Here's the trailer:

And now here's my review of both the SNES and GEN versions, the main versions that people played, and there's some differences too.


Pros for both versions:

The graphics are prerendered and looks great and there's FMVs on 16 bit consoles without CD support, but that's it for pros.

Cons for both versions:

Everything else

Animation-The animation looks terrible, I mean, when you punch or kick, it's hardly even animated. It's like less than 3 frames for each attack, talk about being lazy. In most fighting games, the background has some things that move, like seeing animals, people, waterfalls, etc. Not so here, all backgrounds aren't even animated. You don't even have a victory pose after beating your opponents.

Controls-You have 3 kick buttons and 3 punch buttons, but your punches and kicks look too similar to be different. You have a standing punch, crouching punch, jump kick, kick, and crouching kick, but where's the jump punch? The jump punch isn't in the game, and those 5 basic moves I listed are the ONLY moves you can do in the game. And get this: all of your special attacks can be performed with 1 button, so you only need 1 or 2 buttons for the game. The special attacks are so hard to do that hardly anybody knew that they even exist. Not even gamefaqs knows this either. I managed to do one, but I have no idea how I did it.

Sound-Really, really awful music, some of the worst music I've heard in my life. The Genesis version sounds worse than the SNES version. And there's only one sound when you get hit. Why would the Genesis version have a music and sound tests, when they sound terrible anyways?

Gameplay-You have a 1 player mission mode, 2 player v.s., training mode and options. In the options, you can set the difficulty between easy, normal and hard, you can set the number rounds between 3-7, number of seconds from 20-infinite, and turn on and off the super moves and cinematics. Now here are the problems with each mode.

In mission mode, your opponents are the most cheapest, unfair and unbalanced fighters I have ever seen in a fighting game. Your weaker than all of the other robots, so you'll take massive damage most of the time, and they also don't give you much of a chance to fight back at certain times. Sometimes they'll take you out with 4 hits without using special moves, I've seen it done to me before. It's not cool, I trusted you Acclaim, no wait, not a good idea(Acclaim's only good games were Turok 1 and 2 and Burnouts 1 and 2), to make this game balanced. No matter what difficulty setting you put it on(even easy) your opponents will always be hard and cheap. If you put it on hard mode, they'll do even more damage than what they did on the previous 2 difficulty settings, simply do not put it on hard unless you want to die quickly. The only way you can win is to be cheap yourself, but I want to play fair. After beating the 6 robots, you beat the game. Also, if you lose all the rounds, it's game over, and you have no continues too.

The training mode is one of the stupidest things I've played in any game. It's basically a real battle but there's no point in doing it besides learning your moves, but there's hardly anything to learn, plus you get a game over screen if you win or not. You should never try this mode, at all.

And in 2 player mode, get this: Only player 1 is the main blue robot while player 2 can be any of the robots that player 1 fought. But since those robots are stronger than player 1, player 1 will most likely lose every battle unless he/she is cheap. It's just not fun.

And one more thing to upset you: THERE ARE NO COMBO MOVES. You can only do one attack at a time, you can't even do 2 hits, only 1. So you attack, block, repeat and so forth. BORING.

In conclusion, do not download/play this game. It's a piece of crap that shouldn't have been made, it didn't need any hype at all, and if you want a fun experience with robots, play Rock em Sock em Robots, it's more fun than this game.