Oh dear

User Rating: 4 | Rise of the Robots SNES
Back in the day when super nintendo and the sega megadrive (uk name for genesis) were beating seven shades of sh*t out of each other a game was in the works published by acclaim which boasted unbeiliveable graphics,an innovate fighting system and was claimed to change the industry forever. There was always a lot of hype round this game before it was realeased and still in the works.
Some praised it would be the best fighting game of all time.............. just how wrong they were.
the game from head to toe is a lost cause and overall abysmal, fighting consist's of punches which are meant to be different but are animated the same way as every other punch in the game, the only differences is some punches will take of more health than others and the same goes for the kicks. Graphically though this is pretty good stuff for a snes but this isnt enough to save it from being a dud bunny.
Other problems i encountered were when you come to jump over your enemy its just impossible to do it, one thing is you don't jump high enough and the computer charecter always seems to know what your next move is.
The sound quality in the game is just above average by a scrape and the games only noticeable quote is Queen's brian may composed the music for the game (to be honest the music sucks as well).
multiplayer is even worse because player one always has to be the mundane boring cyborg while player 2 gets to choose from a hand full of mediocre rather boring charecters. This game could of really been something but its hype and steam killed it off, it tried to conquer giants such as mortal kombat and street fighter but failed miserabley.
Save your money people and go get street fighter or mortal kombat, invite some buddy's over and indulge in the classics that formed the fighting genre today.
Matthew Adamson Aka madder128.