Looks good, plays terribly.

User Rating: 3 | Resident Evil 6 PC
I read the review. A 4.5 score. I wasn't really that sure if it deserved it or not. But after trying it myself, it deserves lower.

The GameSpot review mentions a lot about the quick time events and boy was Kevin right. First thing in the game, mash space to drag the girl! How ridiculous, why didn't it just let me use the wasd keys to drag her?

Then not long after that have to break into a door. Guess what! Gotta hit the correct key at a specific interval just to pull wood off of a door. Then we get through and encounter a zombie. But instead of being given the chance to take the zombie out from afar, Leon lets it come onto him like he's never encountered a zombie before.

So I find myself on a street full of zombies. I wonder if this will be tough? So I scroll through my weapons and it turns out I have half a dozen guns. Then it cuts to cut scene. Did I mention after every quick time event or battle there is a cut scene?

So this cut scene is actually looking pretty exciting but then all of a sudden it throws control into my hands. I have to run away from an exploding tanker. It's not clear on instructions. It just shows you the wasd keys and the space bar which says dash next to it. I figured I had to run away but I wasn't sure what dash was for. Was it to dodge falling cars and debris? No it was sprint. Who actually calls sprint dash?

I couldn't stand the unrealism of the explosion to be honest. The gas tanker caused an explosion which for some reason is creating a chain reaction on every single car on the motorway but not only that, they get shot into the sky like bullets and you also seem to be outrunning it, for a over a couple hundred metres.

Then I meet up with another quick time event to get into the Helicopter. I played no further after this. Just the ridiculousness of taking the control out of your hands constantly and doing silly little button mashes puts me right off of this one. I can't even say other elements like visuals evened it out and with an intro like that, I didn't even want to play the rest of the game. When will companies listen to the consumers?