wow!! a notable achievement for CAPCOM! ..i frigging' enjoyed it to the fact that i didn't sleep for days on end!

User Rating: 9.5 | Resident Evil 4 PS2
resident evil 4 is simply MAGNIFICENT! there's no other word that'll best describe it. it's the most un-resident evil resident evil in the series. it has a new premise, new game play, new graphics engine, new everything! though Leon Kennedy is nothing new to the franchise, it's a good thing to bring him back to the story, with all the new facial tweaks and new hairstyle.
the "no zombie" bit gave a lot of gamers some unease; of course, what's a resident evil game without the shuffling bastards, right?? but the new enemy concept that CAPCOM has created was just right, giving the dying series a new life. like watering a plant with some magic water or something. so, what's with the villagers and the European backdrop?? it's the evolution of resi!!
the story kept getting better and better with resi 4.the main character of the game,Leon, is sent to rural Europe to investigate the unexplained disappearance of the U.S. president's daughter. Cue mystery here.then comes the deranged villagers. the facial expressions of each character is very life like, with emotions streaming down from their pre-rendered faces. amazing!
the action is enhanced, with more focus to the villager-hacking goodness. each level in the game is a memorable bit. the boss battles are weird, but who cares??!!! right??!! the uglier the enemies, the better.
14-16 hours of devoted game play will leave you satisfied. soundtrack is good; voice acting is superb, and cut scenes are really great, given that they're in real-time. all in all, this is a game that avid fans of the series and the genre, will enjoy and will turn a lot of gamers into resi converts.Ö