Third Perspective

User Rating: 8.5 | BioHazard 3: Last Escape (CapKore) PS
As I played "RE2" sometimes I couldn't help but thing what else happened in Racoon City, who else fought though and survived. This is an interesting sequel because it's one that takes place in the same area and during the time of "RE2". I thought it was a great thing because it was something a little different and something I personally think most movie sequels should try.

The graphical design is great, I loved seeing other areas of Racoon City. The gameplay is practically the same, nothing wrong with that. There are the usual variety of monsters and some really good boss fights, my favorite one was with the worm which was obviously an homage to the Graboids in the horror film "Tremors" which is great because "Tremors" is one of my favorate horror films so it was gratifying feeling to kill a Graboid on my own. Music is great and memorable as usual, there are some remixes of this music. The action as usual is great, it's the same gameplay nothing wrong with that. An intriguing story that did make me want to know more and go further, as well as help link some things toward what happened in "RE2".Yeah this is all basic stuff you've see and done before, but I feel there are at least to factors that help in the unique quality of this game. I liked playing as Jill again, she's my second favorate heroine in the series, liked what she was wearing and her usual charisma.

The Nemesis monster is a good opponent, I wouldn't say this is the greatest villain in video games or even in the franchise. But it's interesting that for once you have a monster in the game that actually reacures, and isn't just a random monster in a section to dispose of. I like the design of him he is really intimidating and menacing looking, looks uncannily similar to the slasher Cropsey in the underrated slasher film "The Burning". He doesn't really talk except say's only one word all the time, I'll admit hearing him say a single word can send a chill because you know it means you.Basically the Nemesis monster is sort of like a slasher movie villain constantly hunting you down till it's kills you. The sequences where your in encounter him are really suspenseful, you know when your trapped in the same room with it your in deep s... and the fact that you can't kill the thing (at least not till the end ) except to do enough damage to at least stun it and get away really heightens the danger level, the usual direct kill approach isn't going to work this time. You pritty much have to do what any of the people in the slasher films do, run and hide. It's an interesting feeling because it really gives you that feeling of being that poor slasher movie victim faced with a monster more powerful that he or she and has to resort to limited options to survive.

Another new thing that was different was in some sequence you had the power of choice. Of course the choices are rather simple but latter on it does get harry and it causes you to really think carefully before taking action. I wouldn't say this choice function is anything that mindblowing but it was something I wanted to point out.

Despite the positives this game is no doubt my least favorate in the series. I feel it's mainly because of two reasons, the story I personally don't find that memorable, it didn't really add much new to the table of the franchise.
Also the gameplay at this point of the franchise I was too use to the mechanic that there just weren't any supprises left. I don't like that feeling because it's a sign that a franchise is running out of steam and that's what was happening with this game at the time. Though thankfully time has been kind to the franchise thanks to it's entries latter which I'll review sometime.

Overall, RE3 Nemesis is a solid chapter in the series if not one of the best. If your an RE fan then add this volume to the collection. Where there are heroes there are also villains.