A classic that brings nostalgia

User Rating: 10 | Resident Evil 0: HD Remaster PC

The actual game score probably should be 7.5/8.5 but as a Resident evil fan I have to give some bonus points. I didn't played RE 0 on the Game cube so this was a "new" experience for me. People should fairly easy notice that the game is a bit harder compared to modern day standart and I think it's great considering that this is a horror game and we should face difficulties for a better experience. The COOP is terrible but after all this is a 2000/2001 perception of it. Most of the times when you have use both characters seem forced and the final battle is somehow ruined with the terrible A.I of your parthner. I also didn't like the fact that they removed the chest-inventory and now you have to constanly exchange items or leave them on the ground and come back later. It's seems like a small thing but it happens quite a lot. Story wise this seems like a hibrid between RE 1 and RE 2. Somehow you have another big mansion with ancient undergrounds with secret laboratory with constanly locked doors which can't be open without a colourfull key and so on and so on. I doubt that a Re fan would be suprised but there is a magic glue that combines all of this and make it a great game. For example the new Di Caprio movie "The revenant" is a mix of cool scenes that lack the mentioned glue and IMO the movie is far from great.