uninspired collection of mini-games

User Rating: 4.5 | Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party DS
There are a ton of puzzle/mini-games available for the DS and Raving Rabbids: TV Party is yet another addition to the already flooded genre. What Ubisoft however failed to realize is that they have to create a really good collection of mini-games for them to stand out on the crowd.

This title from the looks of it has a hefty amount of puzzle games and it could be a good thing at first glance. But once you have played through around half of them, you'll notice that some of them just got recycled. There are a lot of mini-games here that will require you to either throw or drop items on someone, or something. There is even a plastic bubble wrap popping game in here. Plus a very exciting turntable game, wherein you simply turn the recording either clockwise, or counter-clockwise depending where the arrow is pointed at (exhilarating isn't it?!). I'm not sure about this, but is anyone out there going to consider those to be a fun thing to do on a video game? What made things even worse here is that the game now forces you to play a board like game wherein you use your "move points" (earned by finishing puzzles) to reach a TV set and empty it free from Rabbits. Fail to do so quickly and you'll find yourself stuck playing the repetitive mini-games over and over again. Although it might help prolong the game's lifespan, it's in my opinion a cheap way of making a game last longer.

The graphics is okay, same goes with the music and sound effects. But the video clips are also repetitive. Because you are rewarded the same clip every time you win a puzzle. Although I haven't finished the game yet, and there might be a new clip later on in the game ... the first 5 levels was enough for me to call it quits.

Don't get me wrong though, I loved Raving Rabbids 2. Me and my gf have a copy and we had a blast playing local multiplayer. I even recommended it to my friends. And I awaited patiently for this one to be released, but I was greatly disappointed.

If you're a hardcore, diehard fan of the series then please by all means purchase the game. As for the rest of you guys, considering a different title might be a better idea.

.:My reviews are only as good as everyone else's. Take every single one of them with a grain of salt:.