Rayman Origins Wii

User Rating: 8 | Rayman Origins WII

A great return for Rayman. The shift to a platformer works well. Level designs are great and multiplayer is a blast.

Story - 5, not much of a story. Just rescue these something-or-others.

Gameplay - 8, great platforming fun.

Visuals - 8, 2D graphics are wonderful.

Music - 8, fun and varied soundtrack.

Controls - 10, surprisingly works well with Wii controls.

Multiplayer - 10, a lot of fun. Even more fun than a lot of Mario platformers.

Originality - 7, great fun, but still just a platformer.

Characters - 7, all the great Rayman characters, but they don't interact much.

Fun - 9, excellent, especially with your friends.

Overall - 8.0