fun to play, camera gets annoying sometimes, long fun good game!!!!!!!!!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc XBOX
Rayman 3 is a fun game that has some very hard levels in it,
the good things about it is that the battling is fun and the story is ok but not that good.

the music is very fun and cool to listen to especially the battling music. some bits don't have music though. there are different types of music depending on which place your in though (so if you were in a cave it would probably have scary music).

the graphics are sought of average (the graphics are not good but there not bad) i'd say the graphics are more good then they are bad.

the scenery is really good and beautiful especially the flowers and stuff. the views are amazing to.

the gameplay is very good and fun, the controls are very well suited and good for this type of game.

the bad things about is the CAMERA, the camera is the most annoying thing in this game, it makes the game so much worser especially the gameplay. even though this game has a lot of bad things about it but it's still a good game that deserves a good rating thats why i must rate it 9.5. which is a very good rating.

the overall goodness

i think this game is very good and fun but you can get stuck on it a lot.............A LOT. so if your not a good gamer i suggest you should start on a easier game, but if your a good gamer hurry up and get off your butts and $buy$ this amazing fun GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!