Rayman 2 is a whimsical and adventurous journey of grand proportions unrivaled by all other games of its time.

User Rating: 10 | Rayman 2: The Great Escape PS
Rayman 2 is an epic among games. It has absolutely no flaws. Let me just give the premise of the story to show how awesome this game is. *takes huge gulp of air* You, Rayman, have been captured by the ruthless robot pirates who have been busy enslaving and assuming control of the world which they blew the heart of up and it is your job to find four powerful magical masks to summon the the creature known as Polokus who dreamed up your world and to get the four masks you must gather lums in each place you visit so you can open each of the 4 giant doors in the magical hall of doors blocking your way to the masks and the lums can only open the each door if the tribe of teensies uses its magic to open them. This story made me die from the sheer awesomeness. What impresses me even more than the story is each environment you have to go through. Every single environment sets its own incredibly unique tone whether its supposed to be a land of pure nightmares, a palace of lava and thorns, or just a peaceful ship filled with killer robot pirates, bombs and lasers. Most of the environments make you naturally just want to look at the detailed designs of them and explore the area. And the sound in this game only adds to the tone with a genius orchestration of obscure but brilliant music. You'd know you were in the world of Rayman 2 simply by listenning. But after all of that epicness, there's just no way the controls and gameplay could be just as entertaining right? Quite the opposite. What this game can pride itself on are the controls. The speed of Rayman's movement and attack is at a nice pace, you can aim him easily at the target of your attack and combat with the controls doesn't ever feel too slow or too fast. And the gameplay is varied from riding on missiles that run around with their legs to skiing with a magical leash on a swamp creature. You never can know what to expect in this game. That's the whole theme. Throughout the entire game you are exploring diverse lands battling different creatures of many kinds with your fists never quite knowing what will happen next. The theme is fantasy and mystery. This game truly deserves a perfect score for having such astoundingly good game-play in a time of cheap and poorly developed games.