Rayman 2 is full of platforming joy and lashings of humour.

User Rating: 9 | Rayman 2: The Great Escape PS
Rayman 2 was released pretty late into the PS1's life cycle, and it is admittedly slightly inferior to the Dreamcast version. But it still stands out as one of the best platforming games on the PS1.

Graphics and presentation: The game looks amazing for a PS1 game. The menus are cool and the load times aren't long. The cutscenes are great and there is loads of cartoony humour. Although it does make cutscenes a bit long, it's hilarious still.

Gameplay: The best part of the game, as if everything else hadn't been worked to near-perfection already. It's fun and there's plenty of stuff to do. The camera controls are great.

Sound: The voice acting is good and the music is nice. Not much else to say. You can go on and on about bad stuff in a game, but for good stuff you can't say much more.

Replay Value: There's plenty of stuff to do in the game, and you might as well play through it again just because it's so fun.

Gameplay - 10
Graphics - 9
Sound - 8
Replay Value - 9
Total Score - 9