User Rating: 3.4 | Rascal PS
I used to like this game when i was about 8, but now im 17 i look back and remember how dull and hard the game was.

Sound: Ok i guess, i used to enjoy the music

Graphics: Good, nothing amazing

Gameplay: Say no more! the gameplay was terrible, you could hardly control the person you played as, and what use is a bubble gun against several gigantic enemies?. The bubble gun is a big reason i hated a lot of the levels in this game due to the difficulty.

Difficulty: Words can not describe how difficult this game was. Like ive already mentioned you use a bubble gun to kill the enemies, most of which killed you before you even fired a shot at them, so most of the time you would have to jump back to save yourself from the enemies attacks, which most likely would mean you getting attacked by something even worse behind you. The first few levels are quite tough but not very hard, then you get to the next set of levels which are amazingly difficult, then you would get to the next set of levels that were so tough for me its unbelievable! although then you would get to the final set of levels in which you would die as they are too hard to get through for any human being on earth.

Overall: Overall this game is good if you want an extreme challenge, or if you want a laugh at how dull the game itself used to be when people played it, but if youre looking for a good old ps1 game, then this is not the one for you, its dull, boring, overlydifficult, and the storyline is almost non existent.

I definately dont reccomend this game.