Rascal is a 3D game but one that shouldn't be purchased by anybody.

User Rating: 3.5 | Rascal PS
Rascal is a 3D action game. It is for the Playstation and it is a terrible game, but thats not special there are alot of bad games out there to get. So I am going to tell you some other great 3D action games that you would have a much better time playing on your playstation. First of all, Konami's Metal Gear Solid most of the smart PS owners probably already own this game but if you want it then its still out there. Also there's Tomb Raider, this is a good game but not a great game, but you'll probably still have some fun with this game. So with these 2 games you are having a great time with action games (3D games). With Rascal you are having a terrivle action game time. I think I've proven my point don't play this game. Thank you.