Still Broken

User Rating: 1.5 | Rage PC
I have 3 PC's, all new, all with Win7... Rage will not get past the opening campaign intro on all 3.

ALL drivers are up to date, I own over 40 other games and all of them work with out problems.

This is game is broken, I don't care how many others are playing, there are many 1000's of us who have Never seen the game since we spend 60 dollars and feel totally ripped off.

I'm pissed off to say the least. Total garbage.

Bethesda is going to release the new Elder Scrolls? I have cancelled my pre-order, I refuse to repeat the past 3 days trying in vain to get my $60 worth acting as beta tester and fool.

Let me ask... How can ANY company release a game that broken and then have brain-dead review sites give it a 70%, completely ignoring 1000's of customers who can't even get it to work??
Are they serious?
Are they to the point where it's okay to screw 1000's of customers and then reviewers say, 'well, I'm playing it, so it's cool"??

Broken is Broken, it's not a glitch, it's not a technical hiccup... it's BROKEN for 1000's!!