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    I'd suggest "Heroes of Monkey Tavern" for less than $10, an old school dungeon crawl in the same genre as "Legend of Grimrock", Dungeon Master" and "Eye of the Beholder". Lots of fun for a small pric...

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    So what you're saying is they are competing to have the biggest, greatest FLOP?

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    Justin! I used to follow your posts on Massively for Rift, some nice work back then, glad to see you have another nice gig here! And don't forget Rift, it's about to get a content update and the raid...

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    Not only are the articles click-bait, but to add insult to injury all the videos and pictures used in them also place a hovering ad that obstructs the view and requires you to click to remove... it's...

  • Zilched posted a message on the post New Street Fighter 2 SNES Cart Being Released, But It Could Catch Fire.

    You have a store, a company says to you we have a cool product, but you need to warn buyers it could burn their house down, do you, A: Take the product and post a warning, or... B: Tell them to shove...

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    Vinegar Windex to clean your monitor/tv... ammonia removes acrylic, it strips floor wax and can fog/ruin anything coated with acrylic (like anti-glare), where vinegar cleans just as well and none of t...

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    "Peter spent 60 hours in Hyrule before reluctantly finishing the main quest on Switch. He spent an additional two hours testing the Wii U version."A Whole 2 hours... no wonder the reviewer only cove...

  • Zilched posted a message on the post Is Warcraft Movie Getting a Sequel? Director Doesn't Know Yet.

    They make a 90min trailer, then ask if we want a 'sequel'?? The whole movie was a setup for a movie, nothing was answered, the story just ended, if they didn't plan to continue it then why make 10% o...

  • Zilched posted a message on the post Star Wars Will Get Openly Gay Character, JJ Abrams Says.

    The misconception that the whole world is okay with homosexuals is common, those living in Hollywood (and their own little world) think if they make it seem 'normal' everyone will celebrate and be... ...

  • Zilched posted a message on the post Kanye West's Latest Twitter Outburst Is All About Video Games.

    His 30 sec are up... no one cares.

  • Zilched posted a message on the post Xbox Exec Responds to PC Gaming Concerns, Promises Plan "To Improve".

    They have had over 30 years to improve, yet slowly but surely move toward console gaming and porting titles to the PC in a manner best described as shoddy... terrible controls, wonky frame rates and ...

  • Zilched posted a message on the post The Division Won't Have Microtransactions, Ubisoft Says.

    If I had a dollar for every game and producer that claimed no P2W on their game but later shoved it down the throats of loyal players... I'd be dining on steak & lobster tonight.

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    It was a great game, still a great game... it's the community that fell into the pits of hell.

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