Impressive view of the fairy tale world, an immersive story and an intriguing battle system made this RPG a masterpiece.

User Rating: 9 | Radiata Stories PS2
This game is about fate and destiny. The game-play is pretty simple and the world around the players will directly place the gamers in the fairy tale of Radiata.
The story starts with the ambition of lead character Jack Russel aiming to become a knight of Radiata. From start to end of the story this destiny of the hero takes a lot of turns and gives a great feeling for the gamers.
Coming to the graphics, this game has the best look of its kind. The toon shaded game environments are made to perfection by the 3d artists. Both biological and mechanical elements contributes well for the game environments. Each and every environment are created to its maximum detail and are successful in giving a pleasant experience for all the gamers.
The story line is also impressive. Event by event a player gets closer to a decision to chose for the destiny of the Radiata. Dragons are another asset of the game, each dragon is unique in its own way. The presentation of the dragons added the lively look and interesting events for the game.
Battle system is unique, forming a team from a lot of choices and chaining up to form a link to corner and conquer the enemies gives an additional advantage to the players. A lot of players are available in your friends list.
Destiny plays a major role in this game as it does in a lot of rpgs but the destiny takes on a turn when u are asked for a choice to take sides from both dragons and humans. This is the tough part in the whole game but this game pushes the gamers to take both sides in different save files and enjoy the game in two different angles. Over all the game leaves us with a great role playing experience with a lot of memories packed full of fun and heart melting feelings.