This game should be played by most RPG fans and is overlooked and uderappreciated by most people.

User Rating: 9.1 | Radiata Stories PS2
I believe this game has been under appreciated and overlooked. This game offers a good, long, entertaining experience. Mind you this game may not fit everyone's tastes, but for RPG fans and certain others this game should lead to dozens of hours of fun. the graphics are storybook and anime like, and are very beautiful. Since almost all of the characters are unique in their own right, and have their own back story, it adds a whole new depth to the game. Since there is a distinct path split in the middle of the game, its worth another shot after you beat the game once during one path. There is a high level of customization since all of the equipment you attain changes the appearance of your character. The combat can be repetetive at times, but the ability to setyour own combos with different weapons can change it up a bit. There is a lot of humor injected ito this game, which is a nice touch since most RPG's nowadays are a bit too serious. Overall this is a great game and should be worth a try.