Great game, those who don't play are missing out.

User Rating: 8.5 | Radiata Stories PS2
THE GOOD: great story, very humorous, lovable characters, lengthy, not great replay value but pretty good, not too hard or too easy, lots and lots of characters to recruit and use in your party. rpg fans will LOVE it!

THE BAD: the button mashing battle style gets kind of repetitive, at times you're left thinking, what now? not all of the cut scenes have voice overs, but i guess it lets you know its not the main quest youre doing. the game isnt SUPER exciting when you start out but it gets very interesting once you get a little ways into it.

all in all a great game and a great addition to the square enix lineup. one of my favorite games, i give it an 8.5 and i recommend it so GO CHECK IT OUT! :)

QUICK SUMMARY: you play as jack russell and a war breaks out between non humans and to find out more.