Donald's get rich quick attempt is a good time for all retro fans! Quackshot: Starring Donald Duck: The Gameguy Review

User Rating: 8 | I Love Donald Duck: Guruzia Ou no Hihou GEN
What do you get when you cross Disney's favorite fowl with Indiana Jones? Quackshot: Starring Donald Duck! In this classic 2D adventure platformer you are on a quest to find King Garuzia's Great Duck Treasure so that, in Donald's mind, he can become richer than his Uncle Scrooge. However as in most non-Disney movie games Pete is out to stop you from succeeding. This game has a set of 9 levels ranging from Donald's hometown of Duckburg to Transylvania, and even the South Pole. The difficulty of this game is moderately low, however at points, namely the Maharajah dungeon (Due to its time consuming door puzzle) can be rather difficult. You also have to bounce back and forth from level to level sometimes in excess of three times (Duckburg is the biggest offender of this point. Having to go the first part of the level, drop your flag, go to Mexico, drop your flag there, go back to Duckburg, get the hero key, go back to Mexico, get the red plunger (remember this is a Disney game so there is no real violence) go back to Duckburg again, go to Gyro Gearloose and get the bubble gum ammo add-on, then go to Transylvania.) This is just the first quarter of the game so be ready to do this quite often. This game, as I mentioned pays tribute to the Indiana Jones movie series, primarily Temple of Doom and Last Crusade. Some examples of this is the clothes that Donald and Pete wears, to locations in the game, items in the game, and even the final boss. Speaking of the bosses, there is not a boss at the end of every level as with most games. However, the bosses that you do face are worth the wait, from a tiger that breathes fire, to Count Dracula in duck form, but I will get more in depth later. Graphically this game is absolutely stunning, you can see the Duckburg skyline, the trees in the background of Transylvania has eyes and mouths, even some of the enemies are so bright and colorful that it is a real head scratcher as to why they are what they are (A good example of this is the bright shiny purple worms in Duckburg that come out of the trash cans. Controls are simple as they normally are for a Disney game of the era. The most difficult feature in the controls is sliding (You have to hit down on the D-pad and hit your slide button.) Audio is not the typical digitized stuff you would know from cartridge games. Quackshot has some of the best background music in any Sega game that does not have Sonic in it. The only issue I have with this game's audio is that the sound effects for the plunger do overpower that track. The game itself as I mentioned earlier is not too difficult, but the bosses can be tricky, the hit boxes for some of these are so small and precise that it does take some time to beat them. The biggest complaint I personally have about this game is the fact you have to play and beat this game in one sitting due to its lack of a password system. It should have like a check point system or a save point like that which was in Shining Force. Replay value for this game is extremely high because of the lack of a save feature, so be ready to get quiet good at Duckburg, Mexico and Transylvania. Overall this is a very fun game with maybe two solid hours worth of gameplay. Until next time, power up and game on!