Awesome!!! One of the first games i have ever played and one of the best too!!

User Rating: 9.6 | I Love Donald Duck: Guruzia Ou no Hihou GEN
My first platform was a gen and this was the game i chose as well as castle of illusion. I used to play a lot more of the second game at the beginning, which a great game too. But only a few years later i realized that this one was an absolute masterpiece.
The gameplay is very good for a game with this age, offering lots of places to visit and powerful enemies. The graphics are spectacular and the music is contagious!!! Its very easy to learn how to play it but the various levels make it difficult to reach the end. It also shows some of the most important characters of disney, such as goofy, donald (of course), mickey and so on.
I played this game for long hours even after i reached the end and i can say that this is contagious!!!
I will never regret to have "met" this game and encourage everyone to play it, even if this is an old game.

P.S: I would like to see a photo of this game when you do the research.