Don't pass this up just because of its Disney exterior

User Rating: 8.5 | I Love Donald Duck: Guruzia Ou no Hihou GEN
Quackshot is exactly what a quality platformer should be. Challenging, but fair, solid control, good level design, plenty of levels, good graphics and even catchy music.

You are Donald Duck searching for a hidden treasure. You get three diffrent weapons. A plunger gun that stuns your enemies (that is quickly upgraded to help you climb unreachable places), a popcorn gun that spreads its ammo and a bubble gun that will kill most enemies and destroy certain obsticles in your way.

There are 9 levels, including 5 bosses, 7 of which you'll revisit at least once because you have to get/bring back an item that will allow to finish the level or proceed in one of the others. This may sound like pointless backtracking but its not.

Once you get what you need you dont have to replay anything, you're taken right to the location where you left off. You dont even have to wonder around through puzzles because the items you need are always at the end of each level which is the "Goal".

The level design is quite good and is on par with some of the more popular platformers. Theres never a time when things slow down and then pick back up, there is always some sort of action going on and all of the levels have their own unique challenges that are specific to that level.

The game does give you unlimited 'Continues' but it really doesn't make anything easier. In fact its a good thing because the game is longer than youd expect and once you get about halfway through you really don't wanna have to redo everything over again, however once you run out of lives you will have to restart the level.

Bottom Line, I really can't find anything wrong with this game. If you're a Disney fan or platformer fan you should definitely play this game.