Pick it up cheap and get more then your money's worth!!!

User Rating: 8.5 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
Project Gotham Racing 4. I've had some great times and some bad times on this game. Having only owned it for a week I haven't experienced everything yet, but I have seen enough for a decent review of this thrilling racing game.
-good graphics.
-good gameplay
-addictive multiplayer
-good selection of tracks
-great audio(cars, weather, etc)
Racing is fast and intense in this game. Fast cars, slick tracks, skilled AI. Multiplayer is fun, I had fun trying to own my friends in the same car in order to prove who has more skill as a driver rather than car ability.Also, sliding around the corners in a smooth TVR Sagaris is memorable every time you do it! This game looks great!
-not so good music(heard much much better from a racing game)
-every once in a while bad hit detection(minor issue)
Sometimes you will hit another racers car...but yet you didn't hit his car...enough said. The music is disappointing to me, but with a 250gb hardrive I have more then enough space to play my own wicked music. (recommended) Despite minor issues, this game shines in the points its made to be good in. The game is made to be a racing game, and the racing is fantastic. Everything you could want in a racing game and more.(Except vehicle customization). In the end, I give this game an 8.5. That's really about it. That sums up PGR4 for ya, I would go into more detail, but racing games these days are judged more by personal opinion rather then solid evidence. So I will let you experience this game for yourself, go pick it up used and enjoy!