PGR4 is the second installment on the 360 and it's finally here.

User Rating: 9 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
If you've played Project Gotham Racing on the 360 before when the last game came out on launch than you know exactly what you're getting for a racing game here. Kudos points are back and this time you get to buy things with it instead of just being points you earn in the past for winning races. Is been a long wait for the second PGR on the 360 but if finally here and I couldn't wait to see the graphical improvement from the last one that was a masterpiece when it came out back than in 2005.

So let's talk about what's different about this PGR4 well we have motorcycles in this one which we didn't have in the past. Another thing that was added to this year was the addition to weather which plays a big part in the way you drive in the game. You will be driving in rain, snow, and fog. So if you're use to driving a certain ways with some vehicles you will have to adjust the way you drive in the game when the weather starts to change. Sometimes the weather will change during the races. I've noticed the difficulty has gone up a little from the normal level. In the last series of PGR you had 3 levels which you were able to receive silver, gold, and bronze medals. This year they have easy, normal, and hardcore. This time you change the level of difficulty from the beginning and you can switch it back and forth as you go along and get better. If you're a newcomer I suggest you start the game on easy and than if you feel that the game is a little too forgiving crank it up to normal but I don't think you'll go higher than that unless you're really good and can handle it on hardcore. The graphics in this game just got better from the last PGR3 the tracks look beautiful. I must say it nailed it on the car models and the tracks. Even thou you don't have car damage like in Froza you can break a head light or two but that's about it. The sound in the game is top notch just like the previous installments, so you won't be disappointed. There's a lot to do in the game with Single Player mode. Here you'll have the choice to play on arcade mode which is the 10 chapters you progress through in Gotham career mode. You also have Gotham Career mode this is where you'll spend most of your time racing around the world. Time Attack which is you against the time and Custom match where you get to choose the city, track, weather, and other things you've unlocked in your career mode. You also have online multiplayer up to 8 other xbl members. You also have the PGR shop where you get to spend your kudos points you've earn in career to purchase tracks, other game modes, and vehicles. Also the return of PGR on Demand is back. If you're a fan of the series than you know exactly what to expect from Bizarre Creations and their Project Gotham Racing Series this is definitely a buy if you're into racing games like myself.