Its too bad this game sucks boring but lots of achievments not worth to buy poor.

User Rating: 5 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
In my opinion this game is totally boring and there's nothing called fun in it its not worth of buying all i have to say is don't buy this game the good thing is the achievements are so easy I nearly got 500G i have 485G not worth of having, extremely boringt this is crap this is a little review,

Following Activision's UK studio, Bizarre Creations' fourth title in the popular PGR series is something of a bitter experience. Undeniably the highlight of the series and a return to the splendour of PGR2, While we wait to see whom Microsoft has in store (odds on Turn 10) for the somewhat inevitable PGR5, the last title from Bizarre stays predictably close to the winning formula established since the 2003 release of PGR2. The same compelling blend between arcade racer and something slightly more seriour coupled with a exciting online action ensures PGR continues to stand out in a crowd of heavyweight opponents.
Without the pressures of a system launch to rush for, PGR4 features a expanded set of cities and vehicles compared to its predecessor. Joining London, Las Vegas, Tokyo, New York City and Nurburgring is Shanghai, St. Petersburg, Macau, and Quebec.