In Its Time It Was A Hit, But Now Doesn't Stand Up To Other Racer Games Out

User Rating: 5 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
PGR4 is the 4th title in the Project Gotham Racing series, in comparison to the older titles graphics were bumped up and of course gameplay. Also you can now ride motorbikes, however I am not much of a driving game fan unless it really has something different to offer unlike PGR4 which to me is missing the suspense other games like PURE or Burnout Paradise offer.

Its too simple, driver around this track to win a race and thats about it at least to me. You cannot do tricks or the like, that make the game stand out. Maybe to the die hard racing game fans, PGR4 is a worthy addition to their collections but not me.
Graphics are now dated compared to those out now, nothing that captivates you to play on for hours.

The Bad:

- Dated graphics.
- Nothing captivating such as tricks or hellraising antics.
- Simple A to B races.

The Good:

- Its a game that could keep you playing for awhile, maybe only if you are a true fan.
- Motorbikes.

If anything now being so dated, look for it in the bargain bucket.