Nothing New - A Solid Racer from Microsoft

User Rating: 6.2 | Project Gotham Racing 3 X360
PGR3 is easy on the eyes, and the car selection is varied with many favorites we all know, and many custom supercar surprises. Eye candy aside, I find the physics lacking. Let me explain - mid-engine cars that are well balanced in real life should have less a chance of sliding out from the driver than rear-engine / back heavy cars. This makes the 'driving-play' less realistic and draws my attention away from just enjoying the race. Also, the way in which cars that have hgh torque at lower gears do not react differently (as least in my perception) than cars that have lower torque for the same gears not what I would expect of a next generation title. The track selections and city/country scapes are nice, but I really give microsoft kudos for putting in the long German countryside tracks. They are wonderful when racing other people of the same skill level. The crowds - well I have to say that the crowds on the sidelines look very artificial - I get the same feeling when listening to an old laughtrack for Sanford & Sons. Overall, if you love racing - buy this game used - otherwise don't bother, the good graphics and car selection do not make a 'great' racing title alone.