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  • katiejurek wrote a review of Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition.
    User Rating 9
    Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

    http://katiejurek.comHorizon Zero Dawn is one of the greatest new IP's out there. The story is incredibly immersive, and Aloy is just a masterful creation of a protagonist. Besides her, the plot, lore...

  • katiejurek wrote a review of Hidden Agenda.
    User Rating 6
    Hidden Agenda

    http://katiejurek.comA fun experience to play in a group. We played with three people, and that was just enough to be successful at most quick-time events the game throws at you while also being able ...

  • katiejurek rated Horizon Zero Dawn (Collector's Edition) a score of 9.
  • katiejurek wrote a review of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward.
    User Rating 6
    Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

    http://katiejurek.comI wish I could see more to this game. So here's how my short experience with it went:- Log in, make my character, she looks great from the good amount of customization options at ...

  • katiejurek wrote a review of Climbey.
    User Rating 7

    http://katiejurek.comClimbey is a really fun VR game that has you become a faceless, hardhat-wearing climber trying to climb more difficult obstacles as the levels advance.ProsIt's fun!The floating n...

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  • katiejurek wrote a review of Crypt of the NecroDancer.
    User Rating 7
    Crypt of the NecroDancer

    http://katiejurek.comI won this game as a prize for doing well in a video game, Nezzenista.Pros- Creative idea: fighting enemies to the music is definitely something I haven't seen before.- Great qual...

  • katiejurek wrote a review of Pixel Piracy.
    User Rating 7
    Pixel Piracy

    http://katiejurek.com Pros- Simple, cute, fun.- Pretty high replay value.- Nice selection sound in the menu; reminds me of many good retro games.Neutral- Not too difficult to get all 30 achievements i...

  • katiejurek wrote a review of The Sims 4.
    User Rating 6
    The Sims 4

    http://katiejurek.com Pros- Much less lag than previous Sims games. It also seems to have far fewer memory leaks. Performance has definitely improved.- The click-and-drag tool in Create-a-Sim is nice,...

  • katiejurek wrote a review of Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.
    User Rating 7
    Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

    http://katiejurek.comHere's the rundown:Pros- The graphics are colorful and vibrant. They're absolutely gorgeous.- Plentiful, original content. There's so much to do in this game, really.- The dialogu...

  • katiejurek wrote a review of Lili: Child of Geos.
    User Rating 7
    Lili: Child of Geos

    http://katiejurek.com Pros- Cute little game. The characters and art style are adorable and bright.- The amount of models in the game is impressive for an indie game.- Lots of tongue-in-cheek humor, a...

  • katiejurek wrote a review of Banished.
    User Rating 7

    http://katiejurek.comThis is a really great game! Its colors are a bit dreary, but the content is pretty fun.Pros- Good, thoroughly tested and working content.- Simple UI.- I've barely seen any bugs s...

  • katiejurek wrote a review of Hero Siege.
    User Rating 7
    Hero Siege

    http://katiejurek.comA nifty little indie game I picked up for $1.49.Pros- Very fitting pixel graphics.- Interesting and creative skill tree; it reminds me of Diablo II, for obvious reasons.- Good con...

  • katiejurek wrote a review of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.
    User Rating 8
    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

    http://katiejurek.comI feel like this should be called Brothers: A Tale of Two Ninjas. These two boys have extraordinary upper body and arm strength to propel themselves around terrain, obstacles, and...

  • katiejurek wrote a review of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing.
    User Rating 7
    The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

    http://katiejurek.comPros- Katarina. :3- I am Russian.- Great atmosphere.- Very intuitive controls; I was immediately able to get up and running without looking anything up.- Gameplay happily feels a ...

  • katiejurek wrote a review of Grim Dawn.
    User Rating 8
    Grim Dawn

    http://katiejurek.com Pros- Good soundtrack. I really like the mix of ambient, thrilling, and tense music.- Very unique combination of UI, skills, reputation, and other various RPG elements. Each one ...

  • katiejurek wrote a review of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity.
    User Rating 5
    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

    http://katiejurek.comPros- There are some pretty cute cutscenes and dialogue.- It's cool that some of your partners can attack from behind you with a longer-ranged move like Quick Attack.- Being able...

  • katiejurek wrote a review of Path of Exile.
    User Rating 9
    Path of Exile

    http://katiejurek.comI started playing Path of Exile during the Open Beta and continued playing it a bit past its official launch. This game wonderfully reminds me of Diablo II, and is a lot like what...