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  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Call of Duty: WWII.
    User Rating 8
    Doesn't reinvent the series, but a much needed change

    The Good: Amazing audio-visual experience, varied gameplay, long campaign, guns feel fantastic to shoot, added gore is a welcome change, Nazi Zombies is evolved and fun, characters hold the story tog...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Little Nightmares.
    User Rating 8
    A fantastic atmospheric horror platformer

    The Good: Excellent visuals and art direction, tense throughout, great monster design, platforming, and puzzles are funThe Bad: Only 3 hours long, not much of a story to tellMinimalist side-scrollers...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Immortal Redneck.
    User Rating 7
    A decent Serious Sam/Rogue Legacy/Dark Souls mashup

    The Good: Looks great, gameplay is smooth and fun, upgrade systems are fun to unlockThe Bad: Standard fare shooting wise, gets repetitive quickly, extremely hard, average all aroundImmortal Redneck i...

  • ivory_soul posted a message on the post All of GameSpot's 10/10 Review Scores.

    Everybody is going to say this list isn't fair or biased towards Nintendo. Everyone has their own opinions. On my own site, I have only ever given a couple of games 10/10. VERY FEW are deserving of t...

  • ivory_soul posted a message on the post Assassin's Creed Origins Review.

    I've been hearing the opposite about the stealth system, that's it's better and more nuanced. This is the first review to not like it so far. Majority rules I'm afraid.

  • ivory_soul posted a message on the post Middle-earth: Shadow Of War Review.

    Still buying. This reviewer sounds too picky as menus can be patched later on. This is one of the lowest reviews so far, but there were some good points in here.

  • ivory_soul posted a message on the post Tomb Raider Movie's First Trailer Looks Like The Games.

    Looks like an overly CG'd action flick with more brawns than brain. Why OH WHY don't the studios just use the actors who played the characters? They acted everything in front of a green screen. I jus...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Akuji the Heartless.
    User Rating 7
    A decent hidden gem

    The Good: Fantastic visuals, levels all look different, controls are decent, mostly solid gameplayThe Bad: If there are checkpoints why use lives? Combat difficulty is all over the place, runs on too ...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Sled Storm.
    User Rating 8
    Very responsive and fun racer

    The late 90's was home to extreme sports on consoles. There was a huge boom in this genre and it led to many great games. Sled Storm is kind of an oddball as snowmobile racing isn't a huge hit in the...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Fear Effect.
    User Rating 7
    Beautiful game, dated controls, extremely unbalanced

    The Good: Fantastic visuals and art direction, varied action, and puzzles, having clues in the environment is uniqueThe Bad: Story is silly in a bad way, awful controls, terrible combat, characters h...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Detention.
    User Rating 8
    Disturbing imagery, confusing story

    The Good: Fantastic art direction, disturbing at every turn, haunting music and sound effects, interesting interaction with enemiesThe Bad: Story is confusing, broken up, and makes no sense at all, v...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Observer.
    User Rating 9
    One of the most atmospherically driven game I've played

    The Good: Amazing and memorable cyberpunk setting, voice acting is top notch, nice visuals, going between the real world and jacked in memories keeps things interestingThe Bad: Not much gameplay wise...

  • ivory_soul posted a message on the post Redeemer Review.

    @karavanasam: Most AA methods don't blur the graphics. It's just badly designed post-processing effects.

  • ivory_soul posted a message on the post Prey Review.

    @naomha1: Way to go dude. You saved me 20 minutes of typing. I wholeheartedly agree 100% and saw IGN and GS review taking Prey down from an 85% on GameRankings to a 78%. These are the only bad review ...

  • ivory_soul posted a message on the post Prey Review.

    Unfair review as well as IGN which gave it a 4 just for a bug. Prey is one of the best shooters to come out in years and requires patience which gamers don't have anymore.

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Layers of Fear.
    User Rating 8
    A fantastic audiovisual experience

    The Good: Fantastic audiovisual experience, amazing effects that bring the game to life, well paced, decent lengthThe Bad: Story is a little hard to understand if you don't read all the text pieces, ...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of What Remains of Edith Finch.
    User Rating 8
    A fantastic story and a game that oozes atmosphere

    It's surprising that over the last 10 years it's the indie game that has the most touching and memorable stories. Even with AAA game's million dollar budgets, they can't seem to get a decent story wi...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Call of Duty: Black Ops III.
    User Rating 6
    A boring unoriginal snoozefest, but Zombies and MP may save it

    The Good: Story has an interesting concept, multiplayer is pretty deep with lots of modes and new heroes that add depth, zombie mode is still entertainingThe Bad: Story itself and characters are bori...

  • ivory_soul posted a message on the post Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Review.

    Well worth it if you never played it before. If you have wait for a sale. I won't spend more than $20 on this since I played it before. Really happy this remaster is getting great reviews. It deserve...

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