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  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.
    User Rating 8
    A fantastic RPG, not just a remake

    Final Fantasy VII is one of the most influential video game and pop culture icons of all time. It was revolutionary in its day in storytelling, graphics, and scope. I never got around to playing the ...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of There Is No Game: WD.
    User Rating 8
    A charming game with a unique gameplay idea

    Have you ever wondered what it's like to play a game as the actual code or program inside the game? Well, now you can! TING is a game in which you embark on an adventure with the game's code. You star...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Lost in Play.
    User Rating 8
    A fun and imaginative adventure

    We all played with our imaginations as children. Pretending to go on adventures, or actually going on adventures against our parents chagrin, was what made up our most precious childhood memories. Whe...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Alan Wake II.
    User Rating 9
    One of the best horror games in recent times

    The original Alan Wake is one of my favorite horror games of all time. Its gameplay may not hold up well today, but overall, the game is still solid. The atmosphere really pulled me in when the game ...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Dementium Remastered.
    User Rating 5
    A disappointingly difficult and mundane adventure

    Dementium is one of the saddest stories on the DS. There are very few horror games on the system, and Dementium was a hyped-up train wreck all the way to release. Renegade Kid originally pitched Deme...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Urban Trial Freestyle 2.
    User Rating 6
    Not a bad Trials clone

    Trials is the dominant 2.5D motocross physics game. It's a hard category to describe. I reviewed Trials 2: Second Edition over a decade ago and have loved the series ever since. RedLynx knows how to m...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Rhythm Heaven Megamix.
    User Rating 7
    Cute art and a variety of mini-games help this otherwise frustrating rhythm game

    Rhythm Heaven has always been a difficult game to master. This isn't Warioware or Hatsune Miku. This game requires precise timing, and you must be really in tune with the beat. I had to physically ta...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games.
    User Rating 6
    A large variety of mini-games, but the quality is too vaired

    This is my first time playing a Mario & Sonic Olympic game outside of an arcade room. The series never appealed to me, and it's been around for what seems like forever. They never reviewed very w...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of MotorStorm.
    User Rating 6
    A decent start, but shallow and empty

    I remember seeing the trailer for this game during the PS3 reveal when Sony briefed the world on their latest console. The trailer blew my mind. No one knew if it was real-time gameplay footage or no...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.
    User Rating 8
    A great GTA entry for the DS

    I never thought that a GTA game would be in handheld format. We had the original two games on the GBA, but that was kind of expected. Chinatown Wars is a brand new hand-tailored experience for the DS...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Ad Infinitum.
    User Rating 6
    Awesome monster design, but little else

    The game is broken up into two gameplay styles. An adventure/walking simulator-style mansion exploration where you solve puzzles. This part of the game is rather dull and uninteresting. Many other ga...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition.
    User Rating 6
    Great writing, but over too soon

    Minimalistic, story-driven games can be quite memorable and fantastic. The lack of gameplay requires you to have a laser focus on the story and characters, and the subtle gameplay can bring a visual ...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Home Safety Hotline.
    User Rating 7
    A fantastic addition to the analog horror genre

    Analog horror is a huge fascination for me. After exploring this idea on YouTube and seeing Local 58 and Gemini Home Entertainment, I became hooked. It's a mix of 90's nostalgia, analog media, and th...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Dead to Rights: Reckoning.
    User Rating 3
    A terrible port of a better console game

    Dead to Right: Retribution was a surprising sleeper hit. The series never got the backing it deserved and is, sadly, another dead franchise lost to time that will probably never be revived again. Rec...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of House Flipper 2.
    User Rating 8
    A huge improvement

    Simulator games that mimic mundane, everyday jobs can be surprisingly cathartic and relaxing. The zen-like repetitive tasks that give you the seratonin boost of progress over time, orgainzation, or c...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Kingdom Hearts III (Deluxe Edition).
    User Rating 7
    The worst game in the series

    Kingdom Hearts has a special place in my heart. I remember when the first game came out, and it was talked about by a lot of people on the school grounds. I was in junior high when it was released, b...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of The Exit 8.
    User Rating 7
    A fun and short horror game

    P.T. started the trend of subtle horror games. No scary music, looping hallways and rooms, or needing to notice any changes to move on. Exit 8 is exactly this. A single white hallway in a subway tunn...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Mutazione.
    User Rating 7
    A great little adventure game

    You play as Kai. A girl is sent away to a strange village in a post-apocalyptic world to re-connect with her extended family. You spend the entire game walking around to the various dozen or so scree...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Red Faction.
    User Rating 6
    You aren't missing anything by never playing this game

    First-person shooters were new to me when Red Faction launched in 2001. I didn't have a gaming PC growing up, so games like Doom, Wolfenstein, and Quake were nearly foreign to me. Red Faction was an o...

  • ivory_soul wrote a review of Shady Part of Me.
    User Rating 6
    Well designed puzzles, but very short with a meaningless story

    2D walking simulators seem to be a whole new genre of their own, are more interesting, and tend to be better than fully 3D ones. Games like Limbo, Little Nightmares, and Inside are perfect examples o...