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  • khatibi22 posted on iowastate’s wall.
    Hi Jim, haven't heard from you for a long time. Mail me if you ever checked your GS acount again.
  • matastig posted on iowastate’s wall.
    Hey been a while! me and some of our old friends are still active, we moved to Gameinformer and we created quite a community there, hope to hear from you soon.
  • syler4815162342 posted on iowastate’s wall.
    Good to hear from you friend, missed to read your great blogs, tomorrow is our new year, happy Nouwruz, all love :)
  • PiscesChick93 posted on iowastate’s wall.
    Hello iowastate! Thank you for the post on my wall. I too don't really go on GS anymore but yes there were lots of good times that I remember fondly, thank you :) Hope you're doing well. Take care. :)
  • BravoOneActual posted on iowastate’s wall.
    A tip of the hat to you, kind sir. Ah! Days gone by.
  • VintAge68 posted on iowastate’s wall.
    Welcome back! How are you?
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  • iowastate posted on pokecharm’s wall.
    hello Hina, will you ever post at GS again?
  • iowastate posted on janedouglas’s wall.
    it is rare for someone to continue posting here after they leave
  • iowastate posted on syler4815162342’s wall.
    GS is not the place it used to be. I stop by once in awhile no longer every day and not always once a week anymore
  • iowastate posted on Maxwell’s wall.
    used to love to come to GS every day...you were one of my favourites here
  • iowastate posted on BlazikenTails64’s wall.
    remember when it fun to visit GS whenever we had some spare time
  • iowastate posted on Evil_Saluki’s wall.
    this place used to be fun didn't it
  • iowastate posted on GSgirl’s wall.
    once upon a time we had some good times here
  • iowastate posted on PiscesChick93’s wall.
    I drop by from time to time no longer a regular but I remember the good times we had
  • iowastate posted on MistressMinako’s wall.
    just in case you ever drop by again know you are not forgotten
  • iowastate posted on Sophia’s wall.
    yes we do miss you
  • iowastate posted on OtakuRay’s wall.
    hola, que paso
  • iowastate posted on wavey_gravey’s wall.
    stopped by to say hello...I reckon none of come here as often as we did in the day. GS just is not what it once was