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Great idea. The first console I had was an Intellivision, and I think it's the best console of that generation. AD&D Cloud Mountain is my favourite game on it. From there I had a C64 then NES (Bionic Commando is my favourite there). For the longest time after that I was a PC gamer with Deus Ex taking my vote for best game I've ever played. Now my main gaming machine is still the PS2! I love it. I dabbled in the hand-held word with the Sega Game Gear. Streets of Rage 2 was the best game I had for that. I just got a PSP this year, and so far God of War: Chains of Olympus is my most prized title. Looking back, although Deus Ex is my favourite game from a personal level, I think Tetris earns the unbiased title of best game ever. Considering it's longevity, the number of remakes, sequels, clones and spin-offs it's inspired. Considering how it can turn non-gamers into gamers; that it follows a simple concept and plays off of the easy to play difficult to master formula. That's why it gets my vote.