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How you FIND me now!

Every time I post something on GS now, I wonder if it will be my last post on the site. My previous post in October was tied to how I was planning to post more vids from my YouTube account on GS, as a way to reach an audience that may not be subscribed to me on YT. Well, zero comments came from that. But that's fine. So, why am I writing this one? Well, just because it wasn't commented on doesn't mean it wasn't watched.

Now with changes that have taken place on YT over the past couple months I've stopped posting videos there too. I've sacrificed potentials views for a site I find more flexible and less corporate. That's why I now post my videos on a site called iPernity. However, I know it's unlikely that people will start registering on ANOTHER site that will likely stay fairly limited compared to a site like YouTube.

So, here's my last (maybe?) attempt to promote my Twitter account. If you've like my blogs and reviews in the past, please look me up on Twitter under the same username as on here: ebbderelict. I post links to all my new reviews and video blogs on that account, as well as regular Twitter-type activity one would expect. I hope to see some old GS friends as new Twitter followers soon!

New Videos!

I haven't been a regular GS contributor for about 2 years; most of my online social activity has migrated to Twitter and YouTube. And after a summer that's kept me too busy to do a lot of videos, I came back strong with 3 new videos this month so far. Hopefully I'll be able to keep some of that momentum going for the rest of year. To help with the motivation, I thought I'd post an update here and link to those videos. If you see a topic that may be of interest to you, I hope you'll take a look: My review of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Bioshock vs. Bioshock Infitie - My first impressions of Heavenly Sword - I only had a chance to play this old PS3 game this month, and since posting the video I have beaten the game, and I did enjoy it. I think it's a title that has enough to stand out on it's own with some strong characters and game-play. IMDB shows some of the cast working on a sequel, and I think it deserves another game.

What that's now?!

What could it be that encouraged me to make a blog post over a year since my last one? Well that of course would be to promote the Hart & Usagi podcast! And why episode 26? Because they were kind enough to invite me to join! You can listen to the podcast here: You can also check out the details on the podcast on hart704's GS page here: Oh, and since I'm on I may as well also promote my new song I posted this past week. You can listen to that here:

I'm Thankful For...

I know I don't come 'round here too often anymore, but there is something that I thought long-time followers may want to know. You may recall that I've had my share of hate for Jak 2 for quite a while now. You can see it years ago in THIS BLOG, and more recently in THIS BLOG. My review where I gave it a 4.0 sure didn't get much acclaim. Well, this past Thanksgiving weekend, I'm proud to say that I have FINALLY beaten Jak 2. It's a like a giant gaming weight that's been lifted from my shoulders... or... maybe my thumbs. If you care to celebrate with me, you can check out my "reaction" vid on youtube.

Something i wanted to share.

Surprise! Look who's making a post! I should warn you that this is likely to be a one-night-only show. There's something that I wanted to share, but before I get to that, let's talk about some other stuff. I would have used my regular pictures to categorize things, but apparently all my pictures have gone missing. *shrugs* Anyway, I've played through a nice pile of games since I last made a post. You can check out my GAMES COMPLETED list which I've updated (even though the picture is gone). I'm also BACK to playing 3D Dot Game Heroes. I started early in the year, but put it down after feeling one of the temples were getting far too tedious to bother with. I needed a break, but I got back at it this month and am in the final temple now. Aside from gaming, the family and I have had a busy summer. Trips back to my home town and taking our first family camping trip were two of the highlights. And now the real reason I'm making this post: shameless self promotion! I like to compose songs, but the last song I wrote prior to this month was in Feb 2009 for an unfinished album called Sound Hit the Light. Thinking I would continue to add additional songs for a huge CD release, time slipped away and that's how things were left - unfinished. Well, I've started writing music again and I thought it was fitting to first close the chapter on Sound Hit the Light. I piled the tracks I had together, and the MP3s are now available for download! Seventeen tracks and over an hour of music. If you want to check them out the download link is below. So what about this month; I have started writing again and I've completed my first new song in two and a half years! That one you can download using the next link below. For those that listen I hope you enjoy them. It won't be a fast process, but I expect to release more songs for my next collection of music which at this time I'm calling Pattern Assemble. You can keep track of my releases by visiting my YouTube channel. Incidentally, I've also posted a few video game reviews on my channel, so check those out if you're interested. There's a separate playlist set up just for those. Thanks to everyone that's left me comments and and sent messages while I was off of Gamespot.

Extended leave extended

Hey everyone. I haven't been an active user on GS for a few weeks now, and after breaking the habit of dropping by daily I have to say that I'm feeling pretty good about it. I know it may sound a little cold, but it's sort of nice not having the distraction in my day. It feels what I can only guess breaking a mild addiction would feel like (now only if I could stop eating chips). It's nothing against any of the users that regularly visit my profile and supported me with comments on my blogs and thumbs-up on my reviews. I appreciate all the encouragement you've provided over the weeks and months and years in some cases. At this time though, I just don't see me starting up my activity again any time soon. If you're interested in keeping tabs on me, you can still find me on YouTube under the same username, where I post game-play videos and the occasional video blog. If you subscribe to me or make a friend request, and your username is different then your one on GS, please let me know who you are :) I'm also keeping my Backloggery account up to date, so if you have an account look me up (again under the same username). If you don't have an account, I would encourage you to sign-up, but unfortunately registration is closed :( And there's always PSN! Well, not always, because it's not available right now. But when it is, you can look me up there as well :) With that, I'll simply say thanks again to everyone!

A timid 500

Hey everyone. I've been kinda going low key on this site as of late. I've simply been very busy this past week and a little demotivated. My visits may continue to be a little spread-out for a while, so don't take it the wrong way if I miss some of your blogs. Not really what I was hoping to do for my 500th blog post but there you go. Yeppers: 500 now! Thanks to everyone that stops by to read and comment and keep me going :) I can say that I've completed Vanquish! Great game, lots of fun, and although some found it too short it felt just about right to me. I've also managed to put a dent into the new game I'm playing: 3D Dot Game Heroes! Again, I took the route to mix up the 5tyle of game I'm playing. Nowhere near as fast paced with a completely different feel, but I'm still enjoying myself. Getting lost in the map does slow things down a little bit too much at times, but it's a fun throw-back to NES and SNES adventure games. There are 7 temples to conquer, and I'm searching for the 4th one at the moment. Toy Story 3 Reviewed Toy Story 3(Wii) Tron on PSP

Toy Story 3 - REVIEWED!

My review of Toy Story 3 for the Wii is posted! I hope you enjoy it. My kids are still having playing it. As mentioned in my last post, I picked up Tron: Legacy on Blu-ray yesterday. It will make a nice addition to the PS3 and PSP titles I've acquired and played over the past couple of months :) I'll be watching it this week. I watched the original with my kids this week as well. My oldest enjoyed it more than my youngest (based on the attention span he dedicated during the movie), but even my youngest started saying "TRON!" Vanquish - I'm nearing the end of Act 3, as I'm now on Mission 7 of that act (or mission 21 of 29). Lots of fun. Wii Price Tag gap Toy Story 3(Wii) Tron on PSP