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@GTR12: HDR is that much more noticeable huh? I haven't gotten the chance to see it in action, but I would really like to. I wish I could find someplace that at least had either the Samsung or LG's new offering that has everything I need. I'd love to get the tv, but again I don't have the space for it. That would be a little easier in regards to getting what I needed. Have either of you done any gaming on curved monitors per chance? I don't know anyone who has.

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@Grey_Eyed_Elf: Thanks for the input, however I just don't have a way to fit a 40 inch monitor in my available space. In saying that, are iiyama monitors good all around? I have to admit I have never heard of them, but from the pictures you sent and what I have read they seem to be good.

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Hey everyone!

I have a quick question that could warrant a large discussion. I am looking at buying another monitor for both PC and the upcoming Xbox One X. I would like the monitor to be a freesync model to take advantage of what the Xbox has to offer in that regard, but as I have been looking around it seems the choices for an HDR monitor are very slim. The only one I have found is the Samsung CFG70, but it has a curved monitor and I don't know how I would like that, but I would love to hear anyone's opinion who has been gaming on a curved monitor. I have also been looking at an ASUS MG28UQ as an option as well. I am excited to read everyone's opinions and thanks in advance.