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  • derikgw wrote a review of ARK: Survival Evolved (Early Access).
    User Rating 3
    The community sucks

    If you want to be bored and max out your potential in just a few hours, or a couple of days, then play PVE. You won't be hassled, unless other players drop high level dinos on your base, which happen...

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    @goose14gmangun: I want to know why there isn't a review down vote button.

  • derikgw rated Mad Max a score of 8.
  • derikgw posted a message on the post Mad Max Review.

    I originally posted here thanking the reviewer for warning me, and causing me to avoid buying the game. Then I decided that I would try it anyway. Thank goodness I did! I actually have a lot of fu...

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    Thanks God I didn't preorder this game! It looked awesome, but after seeing the review game play, I am relieved that I didn't buy it!

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  • derikgw wrote a review of Spartacus Legends.
    User Rating 2
    Lag, extremely long load times, and player rage quitting ruins the game.

    First the scene load times are horrible. I am talking loading a GUI with some background props and a single 3D character can take up to 30 seconds to load at times. Loading scenes with only a 2D UI...

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  • derikgw wrote a review of Don't Starve.
    User Rating 8
    A Brutal Survival Game

    For months and months I put off buying “Don’t Starve”. I saw the initial release trailers and thought “what hideous graphics”. Yeah, I am ashamed to admit, sometimes I fa...

  • derikgw wrote a review of Beasts of Prey.
    User Rating 7
    Early Access Review! Promising.

    ***NOTE: See dedicated server info at the bottom if you want to set up a server!!!!So far this game is decent. They have a LONG LONG way to go, but it is early alpha. It is refreshing that they didn't...

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  • derikgw wrote a review of Banished.
    User Rating 4
    Way too difficult

    No matter how I play, I can usually count on restarting the game within an hour. The citizens die very quickly from starvation or cold no matter what you do (normally they freeze to death even if yo...

  • derikgw wrote a review of Rust (Early Access).
    User Rating 9
    Creepy and fun. This game is the ultimate in survival!

    I awoke in a meadow. There was a forest to the east, and some cliffs to the west. I saw what appeared to be a pig and I felt a bit hungry. I knew I had to eat, so I picked up a large rock and attempt...

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    I don't like it. Played it for about an hour and while the ads and screenshots make it look good, in-game it looks pretty terrible. The visuals are made worse by the fact that they use sprites for ...

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    I am sorry to hear that.
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    Kevin I normally like your reviews, but how the hell can you give Arma III a good review when the multiplayer (the main attraction) doesn't even work? You are now off my respected review list.
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