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    20th May - Playing For Fun - Part Three

    So it has taken till mid-March before I stumble across the first title that really, even briefly, made me want to quit and call it a day… and it would have been a crying shame as it’s a game I bought ...

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    @soliaired50: Explains you don't know anything on that review... or that the bullet points were written by someone else who made a total balls up of the job.The complaint was that there were too many ...

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    @mrdinghat: He was offered payment, at the same rate any other industry voice artist would receive for the job... he turned it down.

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    1st April - Back To My Old Self

    For those who read the previous “Long Term Illness” piece this is a follow up… it’s a month or so later and things are still on the up… and it culminates with the moment I realised I was feeling much ...

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    19th March - Far Cry Fever

    I’ve never been that keen on First Person Shooters… or even first person games at all… if there is an option to play in first or third person then I go for third person every time… what’s the point in...

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    16 March - Playing For Fun - Part Two

    After three weeks of playing for fun… it seems to be working, I’m enjoying gaming but it’s taking a few days to get used to my hearing aids… so many sounds that I haven’t heard for so long… it’s a cli...

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    @livedreamplay: Do you also trot out the same line for those who are predicting 9/10 scores? Or is it just that they've only predicted a 7/10

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    @blufalconultra: I don't think anyone ever said this would flop, not even fanboys... looked amazing from the first reveal.

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