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"something new"? How many decades ago did you quit gaming? Real time action is far from new. It's something everyone is very familiar with. Some people must like it, or there wouldn't be so many games being made that way, but there are also a great many people who don't like it, and I can assure you it has nothing to do with it being somehow "new". It's because of the way it removes the decision-making from battles, making them something to watch more than take part in.

Don't get me wrong. There are some good games that are action based. FFXII for instance compensated us for the lack of strategy during battles by letting us plan strategy in advance by setting up gambits. But then FFXIII weakened that pattern by having a more simplistic easy-mode version of that pattern where we can only choose roles and not actions. It's not clear yet what chance we might get for decision making in FFXV other than the fact that any decision making is not done during battles. I just hope it's not following the pattern that's been set up of giving us less and less control over our characters' actions.