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None of the bosses are hard if you choose weapons for tactics not for style. Also remember A.I is always stupid so they fall for anything and never learn. I chose to stock up on prox mines to begin with because I foresaw their potential. All you have to do is hug a wall and keep tossing the mines around the corners. First tactic I tried and since it worked so well I never attempted anything else. Flashbang to stun, gas to stun and damage and Explosive to damage. EMP are a waste on Bosses, but great for bots. I knocked out only few characters and only killed the bosses. It was so much easier just slip by everyone. I suppose you could go homocidal for fun but it doesn't seem necessary. Doing so just removes the ambieance and takes more time and inventory space for weapons. Played the game several times and haven't used most of the weapons beyond test firing, so I don't bother carrying anything other than the Tranq rifle, Tazer, revolver & shotgun.