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  • Chirodip_08 wrote a review of Vanquish.
    User Rating 9
    I forgive you for raising your eyebrow

    Yes I forgive you for coming across a near-unknown title (by todays gaming standards) and finding that there is a dedicated fan base who absolutely love this game. You might think they are oversellin...

  • Chirodip_08 wrote a review of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition.
    User Rating 9
    Surprisingly memorable.

    In the age of world building through multiple titles in a single franchise, its always tough to pick up a completely new title and trust it completely to entertain you, without a plethora of flashbac...

  • Chirodip_08 wrote a review of Bayonetta.
    User Rating 8
    Solidifies the genre to its core.

    Lets get the negativeness out of the way first. I cannot recommend this game to those who do not enjoy beat em ups in its most hardcore form. Although the difficulty is way too perfect for any type o...

  • Chirodip_08 wrote a review of Wolfenstein: The New Order.
    User Rating 10
    There is no misstep in this title.

    Regardless of what critiques might tell you to take away from the grandeur that is Wolfenstein The New Order, you cannot miss this game. Judging by my score, you are rightfully expecting me to list al...

  • Chirodip_08 wrote a review of Rise of the Tomb Raider (Deluxe Edition).
    User Rating 8
    Just what you would expect, maybe a bit more (or less?)

    After Crystal Dynamics rebooted this famous franchise back in '11, people were optimistic about the new vision of Lara Croft, often termed as the survivor timeline. The game was set apart from her pr...

  • Chirodip_08 wrote a review of DOOM.
    User Rating 9
    No non-sense shotgun-to-the-face action.

    After Doom 3 hit the shelves and took its fans for a different kind of ride, the people were eager for what its successor would be like. Will it continue 3s take on almost survival horror opening few...

  • Chirodip_08 wrote a review of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 (Day 1 Edition).
    User Rating 8
    The gap between the rivals are closer than ever.

    Lets get to the point. PES will never attract the casual gamer more than FIFA. It is because of the lighting FIFA uses in its games, its significant graphical prowess, and most definitely the huge li...

  • Chirodip_08 wrote a review of Mass Effect 3.
    User Rating 9
    The conclusion we wanted ? What about the one we needed?

    If you have played the first two games of this series, expectations for Mass Effect 3 should be incredibly high. The Reapers have arrived and its upto Commander Shepard to assemble a group and fight ...

  • Chirodip_08 wrote a review of Mass Effect 2.
    User Rating 10
    How do you better Mass Effect

    After going through Mass Effect 1 twice, beating Saren, levelling up my Shepard to the max, I wondered how can BioWare possibly better this game ?In comes Mass Effect 2. Technically superior, looks g...

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  • Chirodip_08 wrote a review of DmC: Devil May Cry.
    User Rating 8
    If you give this game a chance, it'll give you more than one.

    You can almost hear the complains about this game from a mile away. Players complaining about the lack of feel of the original DMC games, and the distinct disappearance of Dante's sense of humour. So...

  • Chirodip_08 wrote a review of FIFA 14.
    User Rating 8
    EA manages to improve on last year’s edition yet again..

    What is surprising about the FIFA titles is that, despite each title being pretty good themselves, EA manages to rev up their engines each year to create a football game even more realistic than the ...

  • Chirodip_08 wrote a review of Batman: Arkham City.
    User Rating 10
    For Batman fans as action lovers alike

    Arkham Asylum had earlier laid the foundations of what it takes to make a Batman game. Puzzle solving, stealthy approaches, chaining up large combos in group battles and fantastic boss fights. With l...

  • Chirodip_08 wrote a review of Ashes Cricket 2009.
    User Rating 6
    Could have been so much better.

    As the name would suggest, this is primarily meant to be a game on the Ashes. But a game with only two teams wont really sell, so they decided to include all the other teams in ICC, just without lice...

  • Chirodip_08 wrote a review of Devil May Cry 4.
    User Rating 8
    Will the new character be worth the hype?

    As Capcom had already announced earlier, DMC4 will be featuring a new character, called Nero. A younger, angrier man than Dante from the last game, Nero sets to change the tone of the game which he g...

  • Chirodip_08 wrote a review of Batman: Arkham Origins.
    User Rating 7
    The Bat’s first exposure to Arkham and its madness.

    Although by date of release this is the third game of the series, chronologically this took places before the events of both Arkham City and Asylum. This is how The Batman begun his crusade against t...

  • Chirodip_08 wrote a review of Dragon Age II.
    User Rating 8
    A good game by itself, colorful and fast.

    Unlike the previous game in the series, this game has notable goods and bads. But since BioWare wanted to make a very different game from the first and tried out new things to make this title more ac...

  • Chirodip_08 wrote a review of Dragon Age: Origins.
    User Rating 10
    This is the quintessential PC RPG everyone should try.

    If you are really looking for a long time investing campaign spanning many an hour, filled with intrigue, action, tactics and very memorable characters, look no further. BioWare have outdone themselv...