Good but not great

User Rating: 8.5 | Prince of Persia PS3
Ok to start with this game is very fun, the story is good and original, controls good simple but not very easy to master, replay value is not very good not much to go back and do, graphics are great, gameplay gets a bit repetitive but the scenery changes a good deal.
All and all a good game if you like pop games.
Spoilers!!!!! The basic story line is that a evil god is sort of set free (kind of confusing) and you have to travel to different places and "heal them" to keep the evil god locked up.

if you don't like the bad ending you should download the epilogue of PSN i think its $10 but beware that ending is bad to :) the epilogue should take about 2 and a half hours to complete Summary length 8/10
controls 8/10
graphics 8/10
gameplay 9/10
replay value 6/10

Total 8/10