What a great game!

User Rating: 8.9 | PowerSlave PC
I got this game years ago and it has been one of my favorates ever since. The levels are very nicely designed, the objectives of the game are brilliant, and the music is absolutely amazing!.

In the game you are to collect several artifacts to help you complete it all. These artifacts include: Sandals that give you higher jumping power, a mask to help you swim underwater, an item that gives you the ability to glide down from high places, protective anklets to help you walk over lava covered areas, a stick like object which allows you to walk through trap blocked areas without getting hurt, and finally a feather that gives you the ability to fly.

Also in the game you have to collect all of your transmitter pieces which are scattered and hidden in several different places, but if you dont bother with these and you try to complete the game, you will get a very big but bad suprise at the end.

Once the game is completed the fun isnt over as there are still over 20 team dolls out there to collect.

As ive said before the music on this game is clearly amazing, the tunes really fit in with the actual game! and the storyline is also one of the most greatest points of this game.

I highly reccomend this game to all fans of 1st person shooting games, so if youre one of those people and you havnt yet played this game/dont yet own it, then go out and look for it! because in my opinion youll enjoy every minute of it!

Youll probably not be able to find it in shops as it is very rare these days, so i suggest that if youre interested in it, then go onto ebay or any other internet shop that you can find it in.

Overall this game is a great game as ive already said and in my opinion it is also very addictive, so go and find it if you dont already have it, its definately worth the cash!