Why it didn't turn out as well as the platform versions will never be known, but PC Powerslave is still a ball of fun.

User Rating: 7.5 | PowerSlave PC
Powerslave, the semi-suucesful offspring of the now defunct Lobotomy Software, is still even today a noteworthy shooter in some respects, or at least it sounds like the console versions are. Rather than being built off of the well worked and full 3-D Slavedriver engine like the console ports, Powerslave PC was created using an older version of the Build Engine, which also was used for the immensly Popular game Duke Nukem 3D as well some others including the acclaimed Blood.

To kick off, the gameplay. Like most 90's FPS games before Half-Life and Jedi Knight, the goal in Powerslave was to hunker down and blast through levels teaming with undead mummies, Anubis monsters, and Aliens called the Kilmaats. It was really just the same old 'shoot that, shoot this, find this key, hey look its a boss'. Of course, for many people, this still worked for many. The game could run smoothly, and offered things like big gibbing fests. On the downside, Powerslave featured no Saveing mechanism, something unheard of for PC games back then. What were they thinking you had to wonder!

As mentioned, you fight mummies and Aliens in this game, as well as Anubis beasts. Anubis? The god of the underworld? Ah yes, Powerslave is an Egypt themed game if you didn't know already. The enemy assortment is deadly, and larger on the PC. Joining the host of baddies on the PC game include the huge and beastly Rex Fiend, and a massive lava monster. You'll b e fighting hordes of the guys, so you'll always be on your toes.

Graphically, compared to others like Doom or Duke Nukem, they look very nice. THey don't pixelate when you get up close, they are all well detailed.

So, overall, Powerslave PC is actually something you may wanna check out, so get to it!