If it would have been ported better, it would also have scored higher, either way it's a great game.

User Rating: 8 | PowerSlave PC
You're sent to the Egyptian city of Karnak, heavily armed. To investigate strange happenings. Soon you are to discover that aliens have invaded the place. To blast them off, you are like told before, heavily armed. It is very hard from times to times, but with it's detail, especially in the athmosphere it will make you continue play whether it is hard to do so or not. Since it is a port of a Playstation game it does not run like it would if it was not, It has minor problems such as getting it to run on some systems. But once you get over with that, you will have fun like never before. This game is a must have if you're a FPS player. But make no misstake, since it is not the usual kind of FPS. It is not one of many games, it is very so special. With the tense feel and the fact that it all feels so real-time it will make you game like never before. If it was not for the fact that it has rather limited graphics such like that only a few colors have been used, it would have been a better graphical experience, but the fun factor makes you forget about that. If you like the better looking kind of games, you should be looking elsewhere. But if you like the doom-like games but with a little more of a plot, then this is a must have for you, dont think. GO AND GET IT. Overall this is a 8/10 game