Nice hors d'oeuvre, where is the meal?

User Rating: 8.4 | Post Mortem PC
In a world where games have become more and more focused on abilities and less on story, this game takes the opposite approach. The detective protagonist never seems to figure out what is going on, and to tell the truth, I had trouble following the story myself. At first, I though that I am just getting older, and my brains weren't working properly. But then I read the gamespot review, and realized that the strange dialog tree mechanics may have been the cause of my problem. There were *many* times that I was scratching my head at one of my possible choices of response, having no idea what it was talking about. Made me think I had completely forgotten some vital piece of plot. Turns out, instead, it was just a poorly designed dialog tree. Weirdly, even with the story being somewhat strange because of the dialog trees, it was still a better story, with nice multiple endings than the usual game fare these days. To tell the truth, I only bought the game because it was a sort of pre-cursor for another game (Still Life). So, in the vein that it provides a little hors d'oeuvre that is only nominally related to the other game, it has been a good experience for me. It was short, had interesting characters, and a story that was probably better than it was presented. The puzzles were nice and simple (except for one) and well integrated. The characters you meet and play are interesting and believable. The voice acting was good enough. Character development was a bit underdone - but in a short game like this there isn't much time for that anyway. I would say this game is not as good as the original Syberia, but better than Syberia 2. All in all, worth buying.