Average Mortem!

User Rating: 7 | Post Mortem PC

"Post Mortem" hit the theme that I like in games, movies, books...and that's the conspiracy plot with the elements of occultism, sects and struggle for supernatural power that, combined all together, give a dose of mystification. It's an entirely different world where I get the chance to peek in a role of Gustave MacPherson, retired private detective.
As I get from one trace to another, the game becomes more intriguing and I want to find out what's behind all those obscene events.

Puzzles are solid, they are on the game's level which means not bad and not great.
The music is a bad element of this game. There is one the same sound that's repeating all the time so it becomes boring with time. It even makes the game boring at times. This game requires much beter - mysterious, powerful - sounds and music.
Characters are mediocre elaborated.