You gotta have it!

User Rating: 7.5 | Pokemon Colosseum GC

I remember when this game was first announced for GameCube. Pokémon Colosseum really impressed me with the new style on the series story! First off the main character looked badass and I saw all 3 legendary beasts on the front cover. This immediately caught my attention! I rushed and bought this game as soon as it hit the shelf! And I'm glad I did because this game is one of my absolute favorites on the GameCube. Let me tell you a little more about it in this review.

Storyline: The game takes place in the new Orre Region. An evil organization called Team Snagem is capturing Pokémon and misusing them. You play as Thomas the main character who just decides to blow up there hideout one day and escape with their Snag Machine prototype. What was the motive? That was never really explained but you start out with 2 very cool Evee evolutions Espeon & Umberon! Later on you meet up with some girl who has the strange ability to see the aura that burns off Shadow Pokémon! Yes, Shadow Pokémon originated from this game. You will have to snag 48 of them in this game! Three of them being Raikou, Entei, & Suicune. Those 3 Pokémon alone are basically what fueled me to get this game!

Gameplay: Almost like any other Pokémon game except its all 3D and you are opening the door to closed heart Pokémon. The game is somewhat shorter than XD but Colosseum delivered with offering the best Shadow Pokémon you could ever catch! XD however has more box space and even the useless purification chamber can be used once you purified the Shadow Lugia and everyone else. You can go to Mt. Battle to train your Pokémon just like in XD. Pretty much Colosseum is a lot like XD just not as disappointing.

Graphics: I thought the character models looked a little stiff but that didn't distract me from the overall game play. Plus the Pokémon are the stars and not the humans. Graphics are decent with no complaints here.

Value: Pokémon Colosseum has more replay than XD. There are more trainers to rebattle and if you beat all of the challenge arenas in menu select you can unlock the Orre Coliseum in multiplayer which is not bad at all! Also when you are finished purifying all the Pokémon, go then to Mt. Battle in the select menu and beat all 100 trainers! You will find a surprise waiting for you in an empty slot in your box!

Overall: Despite a few short comings this game really delivered to me! It's one of my favorite games on the GameCube! And if you don't already have it "You gotta have it!" This game is really good to own if you are a Poke fan.

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