A fantastic continuation of the Pokémon series... Your story takes off 2 years after the events of White 1

User Rating: 9 | Pocket Monsters White 2 DS
The new Pokémon White and Black 2 games are truly magnificent titles, straight out from the very beginning of the game you are transported into the world of Pokémon head first and slowly become addicted to the Poke' world. The game is a serious strategy role player, but is presented in a way even a child can master, resulting in fun for all ages.

One of the best things about Pokémon Black and White 2 is that it is presented in such a straightforward manner, right from the start you are guided by charming characters, this continues throughout the whole adventure, causing the story itself to be completed quite easily, just keep wandering around and talking to everybody and you will certainly find it hard to get lost! People are very helpful in pointing you in the right direction.

The graphics far surpass that of previous Pokémon Nintendo DS releases such as Pokémon SoulSilver / HeartGold and Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. There are many 3D aspects added to the game which are very pleasing to the eye.

The story is totally captivating and will have you hooked throughout the whole adventure. If you are looking to purchase this game, you better be prepared to spend a lot of time playing, because it will truly get you hooked.

The adventure itself takes around 40 hours to initially complete, however after that there is still a whole lot to do in the PokeWorld, catching the rest of the Pokémon out there (legendaries and all) can be a daunting tast, and you may find yourself at over 100 hours of game time still with plenty left to do.

Also these new Pokémon games have absolutely outstanding online features, making it even easier to trade Pokémon with and battle with your friends online, as well as various strangers across the world!

As always the soundtrack is lovely, and the hundreds of various Pokémon in the game all have unique battle crys.

Only buy this game if you're prepared to get hooked. Trust me you wont be disappointed!!