Amazing community and role play, but hard to learn, and expect dying once a day.

User Rating: 5.6 | PlaneShift PC
Planeshift has a very nice community, Warm people and epic role play experience. the only problem is the game itself.
Planeshift throws you into the game without any knowledge or even tutorial, The player may have to read a guide (As most players doesn't want to).
Anyway, after i learned the bases of Planeshift i learned that the combat is annoying.
NPC server crashes one day each week, which leaves you the PvP (which i will mention later) and perhaps RP'ing (which most players does when the NPC crashes).
The combat, as i was about to say, is VERY frustrating, you have to chose between modes which are bloody, agressive, normal, defensive, full defense, and surrunder, Bloody and Agressive elivers massive damage but the lack of defense delivers YOU mass damage, so you'll mostly stick to defensive and normal.
If you use items too much, like in elder scrolls series, your items will lose power and eventually break.
You'll have to train days and nights for skill and money, perhaps you will waste your time for nothing because you'll quit. gaurenteed.
the most annoying thing is that you can't tell who's stronger than you, Planeshift does not have any levels.
Now let's talk about PvP.
Stupied "ritual-like" thing which you run towards your enemy in it in order to hit and not getting hit, it might take hours!
In one word, Yuck.
I would change the game name to Plane-S**T.
However, although the game itself is boring, the community and the story the [layers they selves produce is very realistic, and the RPG is the best i met ever.